Our Story

We are ALIS.
The International
Language Academy

ALIS is an established school in National Capital Region founded by Dr. Antoine SADIA in 2005. We are happy to offer you French, English, Spanish and German Courses, either at your workplace, at home or in our Academy.








The International Language Academy SADIA is an established school in National Capital Region founded in 2005.

We are happy to offer you French, English, Spanish, German and Chinese Courses. We have highly educated language teachers with more than 20 years of teaching experiences.

Our instructors are highly experienced language teachers with many years of teaching experience and testing adults in Colleges, High Schools and Universities in Canada, France and Ivory Coast. Our instructors are passionate for languages and language training.

ILAS is an official accredited school by the federal government of Canada and is one of the best schools to learn a second and third language that will position you for your career opportunities as well as embracing the world.


ALIS provides high quality language instruction and translation services (French, English, Spanish, German and Chinese) to the Federal Government of Canada, Embassies, Private businesses, Private individuals, Newcomers in Canada, Institutions.

We are one of the best private language training schools in the National Capital Region (NCR) and our main concern is: First to offer you a cheerful welcome and Secondly a professional level of service that can contribute to you full success.

We are committed to providing you one of the best learning environment, making sure our students receive personalized, best quality instruction in a friendly and enriching atmosphere that can motivate your language training. We offer spacious and comfortable classrooms with well-equipped lunchroom facilities.

Besides that, all our classrooms are equipped with modern computers providing access to high speed internet and language teaching/learning software for listening, reading and writing practice.

We are also equipped with Wi-Fi signal providing access to internet on personal devices of our clients. Students not only have access to high-speed Internet in the language laboratories, but most classrooms have computers with E-mail and Internet access too!

Our Goal

Make the Canadian society at the dawn of the year 2050 a society where there is more and more integration; a society where everyone finds his place to work and especially in which there will be no language barrier.

Our Vision

We want to be facilitators of a society in full emergence. No one should lose their place or a job in this Canadian society because they cannot write or speak French, English, Spanish or German. To settle and work everywhere without any linguistic complex in a society in full construction; a society where everyone feels useful; that is our vision. But also as a bridge between the developed and the developing countries.

Our Values

Integrity, Excellence and Perseverance in the work that the founding fathers of this country began and for which many died, Patriotism – Let’s bring something, however small, to this nation, to this world that has given us so much. All those who aspire to a better Canada, who want to contribute to the economic growth of the Canadian nation, must love the different people who live there; but above all to master the languages that are spoken there for a true social harmony and so in a spirit of solidarity to help the other nations of the world. Always flee those who want to divide others or just want to destroy. Finally, I believe that Canada is a country where dreams are possible thanks to God and the hand of God on which this nation was founded.