Private Tutoring

Our personalized courses and customized pedagogical programs are interactive and designed to suit the needs of organizations and groups. Private classes can be scheduled exactly according to your availability, and can be held at the school, at your workplace or even in the place you live.

Semi- Private Tutoring

The major goal of our courses is to learn how to communicate, and to reach this purpose oral practice will allow you to become more fluent and to get the confidence you need to use your second or third language. Semi-private courses give the student the forum needed to practice communication skills. With just two or three students and one teacher, you are sure to have a very intimate learning environment and best attention from your teacher. In the ILAS, we have small training groups where students can learn very easily.

French and English Learning Group

At ILAS, our courses are organized during the whole academic year in full time, part time with beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. These courses are organized for those who would like to improve their language skills.
● We have three training levels (A, B and C) for employees of Public Service.
This includes:
-Written expression
- Reading comprehension
  • We have 6 training levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) for general courses (French, English, Spanish, German and Chinese)

New Students Join Every Week

Speaking many Languages is your passport to many new destinations.

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